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Sugarcane Harvester

Launching Model F16 with New Improved version,
Lots of New improved features to make it more stable on the Sugar Field. for details visit F16 Page
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Tractor Attachment

Tractor Concrete Mixer, Tractor attachment
Hydraulic Drum tilting Option. Very easy to operate and maintain. Can be attached to any tractor any model & Power Read More

Lift Fallen cane, Cut, Clean, Billet & Load to truck all in one harvester. Total Cane harvesting solution for Sugarcane farmers!.
Soon our F17 will be running in FIJI island.

Sugarcane harvester Tamil Nadu
Sugarcane harvester
Tractor sugarcane harvester Model F17
Sugarcane Harvester
Sugarcane Harvester Model F17
cane harvester tamil Nadu
Sugarcane Harvester Model: F17

F17 Harvester makes sugarcane harvesting a breeze, because less man power is used on the field, more profit for farmers, and we are the only factory which makes sugarcane harvester under 55 lacks INR in India, becuase its 100% Indian make farmers can get spares at very reasonable price.
Farmers can order spares online at our spares section, All order at our spares division are sent out with in 24 Hours. It makes farmers life easy.

Worlds No# 1, Most Versatile low cost Cane harvester Now in INDIA.
Designed and Manufactured in India (Tamil Nadu).
Price Starting from 3.15 Lac
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  • Locally Made Spares
  • Doorstep setup service
  • Lowest cost of operation in the cane harvesting industry.
  • All spares are 100% in stock, around the year. 24Hr delivery.
F16 sugarcane harevster

F16 with Full option

Cane lifter, Top Cutter, Detrasher, all in one for small farmers which can do 80% off the harvesting Job.

F16 sugarcane harvester

F16 Basic Model

Basic model Harvester for Rs: 3.15 Lac with top cutter and harvester. Options can be added on in the future.

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  • Hydraulic Cutter Height Adjustment.
  • Hydraulic top cutter adjustment
  • Hydraulic Back door opening
  • Inbuilt hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic Motor 30 cc inbuilt.

F16 Sugarcane harvester is a farmer friendly cane harvester proven cost effective successful model, Powered by Tractor PTO 3 point link attached.
Farmers get lower maintenance cost and spares are available in any part of India.
Cutter knife is made right at our factory with Japanese technology.

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