Bell CaneLoader - ARB attachment

Bell CaneLoader

  • The 3 wheel Mobile Cane Loader is a versatile machine to perform various operations.
  • It can load cane in fields or at collection centers, stack up sugar cane in yard.
  • Convenient bundles of Cane /Handle bagasse and can feed cane on to the Mill Carrier.
  • The machine has a closed circuit Hydrostatic transmission, driven by an Air Cooled Engine, make Tafe engines  33 kW (45 HP).
  • The engine runs a transmission variable displacement tandem axial piston pump, a gear type supply charge pump and two wheel motors.
  • The machine has park brake (hydrostatic brake) and other safety features like operator safety belt, emergency shutdown control, low oil pressure indicator and alternator charging indicator.
  • The machine is operated by foot pedal which is connected to the transmission pumps, the left foot pedal runs the left wheel motor and the right foot pedal runs the right wheel motor.
  • Pushing the top of the pedal rotates the wheel motor forward and pushing the bottom of the pedal rotates the wheel motor backward.
  • The machine has boom lift cylinder operated by left hand control valve and grab/tilt cylinder operated by right hand control valve.
  • All the components like engine, transmission pump, wheel gearbox, hydraulic motor, valves etc., are of reputed imported make, spares are easily available globally.
  • Trouble free operation with regular services.


Its prototype machine that we had made and tested, would like to sell and take feedback from end user.

Sugarcane Cane Loader Bell caneloader, Its amazing Machine that is used in Sugarcane Harvesting fields, More details visit above Video 

The Tri-Wheeler’s simple design belies the brilliance
of the concept and design. Irvine Bell developed
the concept in the early 1960s with the intention of
designing a machine that would duplicate the motion
of a person walking up to a pile and picking it up.

He succeeded in blurring the interface between man
and machine. While the concept has remained the
same, the product has undergone a number of subtle
but important improvements over the years. These
improvements have evolved the Bell Tri-Wheeler into a
product where beauty is way more than skin deep.

Bell invented this machine but its far more unreachable by Indian Farmers due to its Price, So ARB attachment had decided to reengineer the model and produce the same Model in India with Eicher diesel engines, 
Using the same hydraulic static drives. 
At ARB attachment, Mechanical engineers and Prototype design engineers had put in Numerous hours to re-engineer the model, 
and to produce the same with maxium Indian made components, so that it will be price worthy, and long durable.

Arb Attachment has built a solid reputation with this
simple machine along with a foundational concept
ensuring that this philosophy is reinforced by
providing our customers with STRONG RELIABLE
SUPPORT, once the sale is done.

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