Demo Request - ARB attachment

Request for a demo at your Field

Demo Available country:

  • India

How to request for Demo?

Demo on field option for Model F17 available, Try for 10-12 days at your field. Just to make sure your making the correct buying decision.


  • Transport  UP & Down Rs.60000 paid by requester
    Paid upfront.
  • Demo any where in your area and use harvester only for 8 Hour shift.
  • Driver Beta Rs.800 per day & Cleaner Beta Rs.500 to be paid daily during the demo period.
  • Don’t have to pay any cutting charge
  • We fill the diesel and send you, after harvesting you will have to fill the diesel and return us the machine.
    so that you can see what is the diesel consumption per ton.
    agree the below term’s
    what’s up +919840692811 we will get back to you with the demo date, with in 3 Hour’s.