Mini Sugarcane harvester for Mini Tractor, Sugarcane Harvester

F15 Sugarcane Harvester Mini Tractor

F15 sugarcane harvster
Sugarcane harvester for Mini Tractor

-Designed to be used with any mini tractor
-Capable of cutting and pushing cane to the right-hand side
-Compact working size
-Powered by tractor’s PTO
-Compatible with any Cat 1 type links
-Easy to transport on the road
-PTO shaft included
-Worldwide shipping available

The F15 Sugarcane Harvester is the perfect addition to your farming equipment. Its compatibility with any mini tractor makes it incredibly versatile, allowing you to get the job done with ease. This harvester is equipped with state-of-the-art cane cutting technology, ensuring that your crops are harvested effectively and efficiently. With the ability to be attached and detached as needed, the F15 Sugarcane Harvester offers farmers the flexibility they need to move quickly between fields and keep their operations running smoothly. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the F15 Sugarcane Harvester is the perfect tool for all your sugarcane harvesting needs.

F15 Sugarcane harvester for Mini Tractor 1 acre per Hr. Factory In India


Model F15 Harvester Dimensions:
Length: 1400mm
Breath: 560mm
Height: 460mm
Net Weight: 340Kg’s
CBM: 2.5
HS Code:8433
How its Packed for export?

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Testing Harvester
F15 Sugarcane Harvester Getting Ready for Testing
F15 Harvester for Sugarcane cane Farmers
Fully assembled F15 Harvester
Cane Harvester for Getting export
Cane Harvester for Getting export
F15 Cane Harvester for Getting export
Model: F15 Cane Harvester for Mini Tractor
Sugarcane Harvester for Mini Tractor
F15 Sugarcane harvester
F15 Sugarcane Harvster for Mini Tractor
Cane Harvester, Cane cutter
cane harvester, Cane cutter