F16 Sugarcane Harvester - ARB attachment

F16 ~V2.1~ Sugarcane Harvester

Sugarcane harvester designed for Small to mid size farmers, who are looking to harvest cane for their day to day needs.
One of the customer who used Model F16 sugarcane harvester on their field everyday.
He runs and owns Jaggri factory in Tamil Nadu.

Shortage of labour due to covid 19 all the sugarcane field owners in Maharashtra & Karnataka have started purchasing F16 Sugarcane harvester, by this month we should have a field report and field usage from Karnataka customer.


Tractor Based F16 Sugarcane Harvester testing in Sugarcane field

F16 ----V2.1 Released on 30-Sep-2023

F16 Cane harvester latest Updated version V2
  1. Three points Link adjustment
    as per tractor size.
  2. PTO Gear & Base cutter Gear connected by Heavy duty Universal Joints.
  3. Belt height Adjustment, Up & Down as per cane height.
  4. Better Improved tyre shafts.
  5.  Back cane pusher, (Hydro Motor Powered)
Hydraulic Push motor to Push all the Cane to Bin quickly
F16 Cane harvester latest Updated version V2
New Improved conveyor system, With Single Gear and all roller Balls. Chain Fall off Ratio is reduced almost to ZERO
F16 Cane harvester latest Updated version V2
Full Conveyor system can be adjusted to UP & Down Position as per cane Height

Cane Cutting in field of Karnataka. 
Customer prefer cane to be dropped on the field which he decided to collect later.

Harvester Model :F16 Video Gallery


  • Inbuilt Hydraulic
  • Fallen Cane Picker
  • 3 point Link attached
  • Top Leaf cutter
  • Hydraulic Cutter Blade Height adjustment
  • Harvest up to 10-12 Feet tall cane.
  • PTO powered Cutter for Maximum Torque.
  • Hydraulic base cutter height adjuster.

Important Features

  • Fuel Consumption: 4.5 Liter per acre
  • Hydraulic Tank Oil Capacity: 10 Liter.
  • Row distance: 3-ft (Minimum) 4 Ft preferred.
  • Sugarcane Harvester 1 Acre in 58 minutes.
  • Delivery anywhere within India Rs: 30000 (By private Lorry)
  • Harvester Net weight: 640 KG

Harvester Dimensions:​

Palletized Dimensions:

Height: 7″, Lenght:13′
With: 6″ (ft)
Weight: 825 KG
CBM: 14.27 m3 (Cubic meter)
CBF: 504.00 ft (Cubic Feet)
HS Code:8433
Wooden Fumigated Packaging for export,

Regular Dimensions

Height: 6″, Lenght:12′
With: 5″ (ft)
Weight: 700 KG
CBM: 14.27 m3 (Cubic meter)
CBF: 504.00 ft (Cubic Feet)
HS Code:8433

Tractor Requirements

  • 50 HP & Above
  • PTO must have continues operation
  • 6 splines PTO
  • 4×4 (optional)

Picture Gallery Model :F16

The F16 Sugarcane Harvester provides phenomenal value to farmers due to its low cost maintenance requirements and availability of locally made spare parts.

 harvester have been designed from the ground-up to cater to the needs of Indian cane  farmers. 

                -Minimal training required to operate

                -Can be repaired by most local mechanics 

                -Locally sourced spare parts 

Spares are readily available in stock, can be dispatched on the same day on request, If on warranty free spares will be dispatched.

Infield Pictures

F16 Sugarcane Infield pictures
F16 Sugarcane Infield pictures
F16 Sugarcane Infield pictures

How to Attach the Harvester to Tractor ?

F16 attaching to Tractor via pto shaft
Attaching to Tractor PTO
F16 attaching to Tractor via pto shaft
F16 attaching to Tractor via pto shaft
Insert PIN to Tractor and Harvester
Insert PIN to Tractor and Harvester

Cane cutting is done very close to the field, and it can be hydraulically adjusted.
Cutting has to be done in 2nd gear on the tractor

Comparison Chart:

F16 harvester comparison

Sold & Used worldwide

USA, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia
Guyana, Mauritius, Pakistan, Fiji, Belize, Hawaii, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Guatemala

Pre Sale Questions Asked by customer's:

  • What row width/ spacing is it designed for?
    A) 3.5 to 4.5 Feet
  • The cutting height?
    A) Can cut any height
  • Is the cutting blade adjustable and range of adjustment?
    A) Cutting blade is adjustable using Tractor Hydraulic during Running, and while traveling full harvester can be adjusted up to 2 feet clearance manually.
  • The operating width of the unit?
    A) 6 Feet from tractor center distance, its adjustable using 3 point link.
  • The total length of the machines?
    A) 12″ feet
  • From the video it appears that the identified unit need erect canes. Is there an attachment that can be added to work in canes not totally erect?
    A) No need extra attachment, we had provided adjustment to cut erected cane and also fallen cane.
    Adjustment can be made as per field condition
  • Drive power method: hydraulic or PTO system?
    A) Hydraulic is inbuilt to harvester, Just connect tractor PTO and start harvesting
  • Horsepower requirement of the tractor?
    A) 55 HP (4×4 Optional)
  • Is it suitable to work on slopes of 5% ?
    A) Yes it can be used on Slope as long as tractor can travel
  • Do you export?
    A) Yes we do hold legal export license can do worldwide air & sea shipment.