SUGARCANE HARVESTER INDIA, 50 ton per day, 12 liter diesel per hour.

Sugarcane harvester India, Model:F17

Sugar cane Harvester in India ,can cut, clean, billet and Load up to 4 feet row distance.
70 ton Per 8 Hr shift, 9 Liter diesel per Hour.
Suitable for  hilly conditions, lift fallen cane, Minimum Row distance of 3.5 Feet, and
Can be used on wet field. Harvesting can be done
24/7 day and Night.

Comes equipped with Lights to engage in Harvesting during night shifts.
So Indian farmers get harvester that can do !.
Clean Green Cane .

Main Features:

  • 7.9 litter per Acre
  • 1 acre per Hour
  • Fully Built and Ready
  • 90 HP AC cabin
  • Sonalika Tractor
  • 4×4 Drive
  • 13″ Feet Loading Dump Height
  • Dry leaf blower -High speed
  • Fixed with Radiator for oil to cool & continues operation
  • Row distance 3.5″ Feet
  • 24 Hour Service Back up
  • Dealership open for many states in india
  • 100% Made in India
  • Parts available all times
  • Size: 30″F Longx 6″F wide x 9″F Height
  • Very Low Hydraulic oil temperature.
  • Harvest Ready to deliver mill condition.

Tractor Requirement:

  • Front tyre Size: 13.6-28
  • Back tyre Size: 18.4-38
  • 90 HP above
  • Brand new Tractor Prefered

Sugarcane harvester India , Model : F17

Field working Video

Customer review after cutting
Tipping Live Video

Field working Pictures

Clean and Green Cane is Future

Invest in ARB invest in Life.
No more cane burning, that will cause environmental disaster, so F17 Harvester can do the de trashing during the harvesting, and throw the cut leafs on to field, but that will become manure to field and enrich the field condition,no environmental damage 100% Clean,Green farming & Harvesting, and
Sending clean cane to sugar mill, but Keep the mill happy, and Farmers and get a clean cane and there is no deduction at sugar mill gate,
Mainly due to environmental issues most of the country is banning on cane burning,in some country farmers are being arrested for cane burning. Hence use of F17 ensure clean green cane.

Health Hazard's due to burining cane

In Sugar fields , extraneous cane material is removed mostly by burning sugarcane before harvest. This has direct impacts on the environment and human health through the amount of atmospheric pollutants emitted. Research has shown that sugarcane burning is the cause of major health problems related to lung function and the respiratory system, including the development of certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer.

Sugarcane harvester Factory India

Sugarcane harvester Factory in India, 100% Made in India with all Indian man power,  Only factory in South India to produce Sugarcane Harvester, for small farmers to large mill