Tractor forklift attachment india -effective forklift solution for tractor

Model: FL200 Tractor Forklift

Tractor Forklift is very inexpensive can be used on very rugged surface, and maintenance is very low, when compared with normal forklift.
Most of the construction site use Tractor forklift since its tractor based, and can be used on very harsh environment. absolutely there is no maintenance.


  • 1 Ton Lift capacity
  • 10 feet Height
  • 3 point attached
  • Tractor Hydraulic

Price Rs:3,50000

forklift for tractor
Model FL200 forklift for tractor

FL200 Tractor Forklift

If you own a tractor in your Farm or in your warehouse,
you 100% need a tractor forklift, Its very useful in lifting to certain height, and for Moving items to different parts of your field.

Having a forklift attachment can be an invaluable asset to your home, hobby farm, or ranch.

Just like any tractor attachment, you need to follow some guidelines, such as ensuring that you don’t exceed the rated weight capacity of the lift. It should also be stated that a forklift attachment is not as capable as a dedicated forklift, as that machine has a single purpose while a ARB tractor forklift have limited capacity, but it can perform 80% of what dedicated forklift can.

Regardless, a dedicated forklift is astronomically more expensive than adding a forklift attachment to the tractor you already use and love. Also, forklifts are very limited in where they can go, mostly intended for concrete/gravel surfaces. Your ARB tractor based forklift tractor is able to move through some of the toughest terrains, both on and off road.