Complete corporate News about ARB ATTACHMENT, for Share holders & Investors.

Product development F17

Launch date set for Model F17 Sugarcane Harvester is Feb 2nd week, Exact date will be announced only after Harvester gets cleared from Chennai Customs.

Press conference

There will be a press conference during the launch time, All the investors to the company will be called, and dinner will be served at the party.

Project Progress

After testing on Field on 8th Jan, in Thailand.
The testing team had confirmed the satisfaction to goahed and launch the product for Indian Market.
Hence it will be a majour launch we are calling up all the investers from around the world to do a Zoom conference,
for the Indian Invester, please do come and paricipate at the venue, it will be a bog boost for the team.

News about the arb attachment

Majour change to F17 Harvester will be announced soon !