Sugarcane harvester tractor PTO powered, 60 Tractor required to operate

(F17-MINI) updated version 2.2

Latest Pictures New version 2.0 with update's

Picture of Latest Version 2.2 updated on 14/Jan/2024

Cane Harester Billetting, Cane cleaning,
Sugarcae Harvester Model F17MINI
Latest Version 2.2 YouTube Video
F17 Mini Cane Harvester Latest Version
Latest updated Version 2.2 with 3 new features
  • Tractor pto attached
  • 100 hp tractor required as per field condition
  • Bin loading by separate tractor, with bin loader needed.
  • Cut, clean & Billet

Need this bin loader to load cane to Truck

Note: Important
Need this bin loader in order to Load cane from Harvester to Truck (Lorry)
It comes with Extra cost

Requirements to run F17 MINI:

  • 90 HP  tractor 4×4 wheel.
  • Brand new tractor preferred
  • 2nd tractor for lifting the bin.




Bin Loader: 4.5 Lac

Tractor supplied by Customer
Tractor required 90HP

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