Tractor Forklift

FL100  is more convince to use if your own a tractor, Because it can do 80% of the job what normally, plus it cost only 10% of the normal forklift. Having Fl100 is a must have implement in any farm, it make life easier when u want to want to shift things.

Model: FL100

  • 0.8 Ton Lift capacity
  • 8 feet Height
  • 3 point attached
  • Tractor Hydraulic

Comes with 1 port lever Hydraulic control valve
Rs: 1,45000


Model: FL200

  • 1.5 Ton Lift capacity
  • 10 feet Height
  • 3 point attached
  • Tractor Hydraulic

Comes with 1 port lever Hydraulic control valve
Rs: 3,50000/

moel-FL300-banner forklift banner

Model: FL300

  • 1.25 Ton Lift capacity
  • 18 feet Height
  • Custom Factory fitted
  • Tractor Hydraulic

Comes with 2 port lever Hydraulic control valve
Rs: 4,30000

Rental Market segment

Fl100is better thank normal forklift because u can attach and detach any time, But every one feel normal forklift is easy to operate, but it cost 4 times to maintain, so having a FL100 on your backyard can do lots of useful shifting. It is a must have equipment for all the farms, if you own tractor.

Forklift Rental Market in India’ Will grow by 60% due to shortage of labor
Taking advantage of this market requirement if you already own a tractor is better,
most of the village and town don’t have forklift in India. If you own a FL100 you can easily rent for Rs600 per hour and make minimum of Rs2000 per day, which is more than sufficient for any family living villages and town in India.

Forklift Rental Market segment in India

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Forklift Rental Size

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Using forklift on Tractor Safety Tips

Utmost care must me taken while using the and connecting the forklift to tractor. and also while connecting the Tractor PTO.
on an average 3 people get hurt in a month in India while connecting tractor implements to Tractor, and 8 got killed during the year 2019.