TRACTOR PTO WINCH ITractor winch - ARB attachment

Tractor Winch heavy duty

Tractor winch very useful for pulling any heavy items from the ground.
example for pulling Boat, Pulling Log, pulling a fallen car from drench. 
Tractor PTO operated very simple and easy operation. 5 year warranty on all parts direct from manufacturer.
Made & Assembled in India. Oil immersed Gear box, can withstand 24hr non stop operation during rescue operation.
Disaster management: 
This is used even during disaster management, even during kaja puyal in Tamil Nadu,this winch was used by Chennai metropolitan authority to clear the fallen trees.

Tractor Winch

Capacity 2 Ton, Main Aplication Boat pulling.

Rs.75000 + GST

5 Ton capacity

Main Application log Pulling, Tree straining in Forest
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